I am a freelance photographer and visual artist based in the East San Francisco Bay area.  I live on a 23' sailboat. My overhead is so low, I can't even stand up while making coffee at home.

I shoot to see the world anew,  It is my means in which I communicate, learn, & experience. I am fascinated with photography's transformative powers and in its ability to cultivate new experience, to silence what isn’t, and vice versa. In my work, I hope to cultivate my craft as a message that is capable of allowing infinite interpretations beyond our narrow perception.


With a parent in the military, I grew up with a perpetually changing home, and the same impermanence continues to guide the way I presently live.  The relevance of belonging somewhere and being elsewhere, whether out of necessity or choice, drives a lot of my personal work.  In the same way that elements of time and place are integral to photography, I find these themes are so determinant of one's identity and personal experience.