Rasa, Selangor

RASA; räsä. (ruhs-uh) 1. Juice or essence 2. Ultimate pure emotional reaction that can be derived from a work of art 3. The enjoyment of flavors that arise from the proper preparation of ingredients, and their quality.


In trying to research anything about this adorable place I had hopped off a train into, I ended up restlessly reading about this Hindu concept of aesthetics, with regards to art, music, and theatre.  I always love when art can catalyze a true/raw emotional experience, sometimes by means of the small nuances.


There was a particular subtlety that inspired me about this little town that goes by the same name.  It seemed almost timeless, an old pharmacy with floor to ceiling hand-painted drawers containing hundreds of different Chinese herbs, worn down marble café tabletops that people have been playing cards and smoking cigarettes on for over a hundred years.  There was something so true and honest about the small community of people there, (Or, maybe I have been in the city too long, ha!) that makes a stranger farang like myself sense the sense many like to call wonder.  I have kind of a thing for old buildings and walls that have stories to tell, and this place is full of them.