Cuba in June

When I was 10, I remember stopping in Guantanamo Bay with my family when we would take gargantuan military cargo planes back to the states from the base we lived on in Puerto Rico. So technically this would have been my third or fourth time being in Cuba, but I’d like to count it as my first.    I spent most of every day (minus the daily cansado) getting lost in the streets and taking portraits.  There is this magnificent sass that the Cubanos emanate at all times of day, and they were an amazing demographic to capture.  Cuba is undoubtedly a challenging place to both live and travel in, but the concept of community is strong in this one. Centro Habana on the inside seems just like a small town, where everybody knows and takes care of one another.  This physical/verbal interconnectedness is what found myself missing from the internetted world we find ourselves in these days.  While those forms of communications can only happen in expensive hotels or public parks with wifi, you will not see one phone out at a bar or restaurant, people simply talk to eachother, which was something I found rather refreshing.


These are some of my favorite shots from a 10 day romp around the north and south central coast of the land of the finest tobacco, rum, and booty shakin’ music.